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There Are No Great Men

In these times we always focus on the actions of individuals, in some cases as a culture we even idolize them, but this seems to be severely misguided.

That isn’t to say that people are irrelevant, but that individuals are irrelevant. The way that things are is a result of the times and the aggregate of all the people.

If it wasn’t Zuckerberg, Jobs or Gates it would have been someone else around the same time.

These people acted in their times, which is to say they were a product of their times, they are the result not the ’cause’ of what they do. We always seem to focus on the actions of ‘one man’, but the reality is that that ‘one man’ was nothing without the times and the people who did what he asked.

Maybe in order to understand why things happen we need to create some kind of focus, some point of worship, some great mover. The reality is that ‘we’ are all the great mover and all the product of our times. If it wasn’t us or them it would have been someone else.

“You can rise above yourself, But never the times that you live in.”
– Sam Roberts

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A Rant about Fashion and Consumerism

Our society values fashion and style, people judge others based on their style and clothing. Clothing and the fashion industry are dangerous in their virtue of consumerism, this is seen in fashion changing every seasons thus requiring the fashionable to buy new clothes every season.

But why is fashion bad, to start it appeals to our narcissistic nature, it puts the focus on the outside. This in itself is bad for our souls, we should strive to be happy in ourselves not in the things we cover ourselves with.

But the bigger issue has to do with the environment, fashion creates waste, excessive waste. It creates trash and consumes resources. Pollution occurs through the production and processing of cotton (and other clothing materials) as well as in the shipping of those resources and products back and forth across the ocean. Trash is created when people ditch their cloths for new ones, that said trash doesn’t always go to the dump, sometimes it sits in closets for years.

Clothing for need is reasonable, though need is subjective, cloths in excess is dangerous and has a detrimental effect on the earth as a whole.

If these arguments don’t matter to you, consider that most cloths are created in 3rd world countries where conditions and exploitation are reasonable concerns and issues.

It should be pointed out that these types of issues exist in most of the supply changes of consumer products, but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore them.

Make the world a better place and save money by not buying so many clothes.

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

What is a constitution of the self?

The constitution is the self within the mind, framed by genes and experiences. We can not see another’s constitution, we can only see its expression through the filters of ourself and the person we are observing.

How does one accept who they are? How does one become who they are?

Self-reflection: I imagine my outcastedness (or perceived) in my early schooldays brought on by my inborn constitution gave me the desire to go out on my own and be self-determined – I’ve never wanted to be defined by the other (those who rejected me from the beginning).

Post-self-reflection: Maybe these experiences should be viewed as revelations of my constitution rather than defining moments of it.

It is hard to separate the constitution from the times, as the times form the expression of the constitution. You are who you are because that is who you can be now.

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

Can cliches change your world view?

Some of the cliché we tell ourselves like “Don’t worry about what other people think” or “live your own life” rely on the presumption that people can change. But what if most people’s constitutions are already solidly set by the time they are old enough to hear and understand such cliché?

Point being, by a certain age or any age for that matter, the nature of us may already be set, though we may not yet know who we are or how we truly think about the world.

Maybe these cliché mean the most to those who have already accept their way of life or true nature of being. This is to say, a saying means most to those who have already accept it.

Can we really change ourselves based on what we have heard or read? Can our true selves change in response to words? What if we believe that our reality is a construct of words, would that mean words were change and staying the same?

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

Quotes about getting ready for change

“Maybe my new goal should be searching for solutions rather than pointing out problems?”
– Someone who doesn’t want to be cynical anymore.

“How does one change their nature? How does one change their constitution? Who still uses ‘one’?”
– Someone with too many questions about change

“Some famous author once said that he was finished because he already knew everything there was to know, but aren’t those who have stopped learning already dead?”
– Someone who is still learning

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

I don’t want to be pessimistic BUT

We like to assume that we are good and make the world a better place, but in truth collectively we are destroying the very world we call our home.

We do more good than bad? Its hard to say and even harder to know. We seem to have little concern for the destruction of the people and places we consider to be lower than us, which is really any place that isn’t ours.

What do I know? Am I only choosing to look at the bad? And what is the good? How can I have a valid judgment of the way things are?

I am part of the problem, but how can I even stop it? How can I make things better despite our collective humanities actions? Has all of this destructiveness happened in spite of me?

True, we have made the lives of the less fortunate better and there are fewer slaves and truly exploited people than ever before. But is it possible that all these social problem have been rebranded and readjusted for our modern times?

I don’t want to be a pessimist, but sometimes its hard to see things any other way, would a better lot for myself change my perspective on things? Did I choose the world to be like this because of the world I find myself in?

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

Pessimistic Childrens Stories

When you are a kid life is filled with wonder and excitement. Your parents take care of you and there is nothing to worry about, you get to go to school and learn new things. When you get older you start to get bills, you get jobs, you get obligations and slowly all the fun is taken away. Being an adult sucks, so as a kid dont forget that things are the greatest they will ever be and with time will only get worse.


Regarding the sickness of the city and modern life:  As if there was ever a time when the world was better – but at the very least, how can I deny that I am not part of the problem? I live in the midst and play the game, contributing to the scum that sticks to the bottom of our collective shoe.

Ready my short story: Korean Affair