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The Real World is Our Collective Dream

If a dream is a place where we create a world on our own, then the real world is a place where we create a world with everyone else. This is to say that in the dream world we create the reality we experience and perceive individual, while in the real world we collectively create the reality collectively that we collectively experience and perceive. This likely happens through our thoughts and some other process, however the mechanism is likely impossible to comprehend.

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Do we choose our thoughts? 

The other day I thought about how I didn’t choose to be into philosophy, it just sort of chose me.

If we see ourselves as a system, than this makes sense. Our body at the start (our DNA), those are our initial conditions.  This system as we will define it, is a set of conditions and a sort of logic, something that causes a response or is in effect cause and effect.

Things are a back and forth, so a brain, a human system starts. It responds to the conditions in the way that it knows. It learns for better or worse, it plays with the world inside and outside of itself. There is a tug of war, we learn from what we have experienced and develop a framework for dealing with future situations.

As a human system adapts to the world, it finds the spots where it is suited and those which it should avoid. Ideas are like other evolutionary forces, we didn’t choose to have an appendix and we don’t choose the the way our minds react to the intellectual world they find themselves in.

Benefits and consequences can be intangible, but they are present in every event. Just as we don’t know why we have an appendix, we don’t know why we have our thoughts, but we should rest assured that they are there for a reason.

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

If this makes sense to you I will give you a cookie

Values put forth by others do not by necessity deserve our blind respect, in fact values put forth by others require the most scrutiny.


Cognitive dissonance arises when one believes in things that contradict one’s own norms. It is easy to get confused or be filled with doubt when the world is shouting in every direction except that which you seek.


It should be considered normal to question that which is put forth as true, anything that holds weight as truth requires high regard.


Ideas of value are covered in dust, revolutionary ideas often end up being buried.


When an idea is said to be true, it has often become true because time has been kind. Less suitable ideas have value which is often hidden or tarnished by the passing of time.

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

look at the meaning of all the words over all of time

Write random things till your page is full, write them for the sake of writing them and not because you have something to say. The words on this page are made up, just like all the words in any book. All the words that have ever been written or said were made up. That isn’t the intent, its just what happens to happen.

Don’t worry! This is the way things are and have always been. The purpose of words isn’t to say things in themselves, but to have meaning in the greater context of all of time. Don’t look at the meaning of a single page or a single line, look at the meaning of all of the text and words over all of time.

Ready my short story: Korean Affair

On Subjective Idealism

The world we observe and expect is a consequence of our genetics, upbringing and experience. These features work together to influence our perceptions and experiences of the world. We are living in a world that is created by our minds and unique to us. That does not mean there is no external world, or that it does not exist, in fact it is quite the opposite. There must be an external, objective world outside of our experiences, that is where we live with other people. Though none of us see it clearly without our subjective influences and mental perspective.*
*all of humanity may have had a glance. 04062014

As there are others and they wield control (at least try) over the outside (including me) it becomes imperative to question that which tries to wield against our pursuits.

If our minds construct the reality we experience though the lens of the reality we live within, that reality has an influence over us and is in essence controlled by others outside of us.

It thus makes sense, as we live in a system of power, we must be aware of these forces and work within them but towards that which we seek and know to be true.

It is the job and obligation of a free mind to question that which is wrong with reality and work towards freeing other minds who have not yet seen the light.

Ready my short story: Korean Affair