7 Random thoughts and a question

A dance party is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, it will trigger a new stream of thoughts.


Bouncing to the stars in the sky, the clouds speak your name, but you’re slipping away into something new. The stars are shinning in a different light, when I choose something one way I also choose not to do many other things in a different way.


Things go one way when we thought they would go another.


If this were a new line, which it is, then it is the right place to start a new line of thinking. This is the way that our thinking will be for the moment, but the next line and onwards will be something new yet unequally the same.


How can I type what is true and say all the same as you?


I’m flying by in the clouds as someone else.


Once upon a time there was a story that started the same way as every other story that had ever been told before.
But then the lines stretching out into spaces never ever filled before, and out of it came different ways of seeing things the same way.


What are these words that flow from my hands at a time that is different in a way that is only happening right now. Is this the ways that it was before or something else, which is to say things are the same after all. Maybe it isn’t like that, but thats not important because that is something else all together. It’s like typing jumbled letters all over the walls and into the spaces once filled with something else said in different way.

come out to play

Once we were walking along the sea and someone yelled ‘come out to play’, but we were already outside so we didn’t understand. They said it again ‘come out to play’, but how could we go outside again? They said it once more and then we knew what they meant, come out of your minds and play some more. But our minds, how would we get out of those? We only knew the world from our bodily view of them.

We decided to play anyways and realized it was much more fun to play that way. We played games, but they were different from the games we were used to. They were new and profound, at first we played sports and wondered what position we would play, then we realized that we were to be the whole team together.

Sometimes our games got out of hand and we got into wars, the great wars of the world, and the wars of our minds. There were some pretty big fights and we got a little scared, the consequences were bigger than we had planned, they reminded us of our ?futility?. We decided to calm down for awhile.

We couldn’t know everything, we could only what we could see. That is when we realized that there were so many others like us. Some of them even played bigger games, games that we couldn’t even understand, but we decided to try anyways.

There was the sea, the winds, gravity, the cosmos and so much more that we could never understand.

And that is when we discovered what were were, we were the gods.

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