The Will to Power and Why the Loud get Heard

Nietzsche  did not see political power as the ends of his concept of  the “Will To Power”.


Those who are the loudest often have the least to say, though having nothing to say is how they got the opportunity to speak.


Capitalism is great for the people at the top, it is in their interest to keep the train going.


Opposites attract because polar opposites need balancing forces to keep them balanced.


If thoughts are context dependent, how do we have them outside of space?

Real Problems are Often Ignored for Irrelevant Side Issues

We are regularly encouraged to focus on surface issues, the symptoms that are a result of the more deeply hidden problems. The way things are or the real issues are often written off as complicated, complex and unchangeable. Instead of focusing on what matters we are perpetually lead to distraction and irrelevant side issues.

I wouldn’t expect everyone to think about the real problems  plaguing our society these days, but the fact that most people don’t think doesn’t make the real world any less real. In fact, the lack of interest from the masses means that these issues are of significants. A narrative is nothing if it isn’t successful in setting a tone or more precisely setting the frame of reference.

Time poverty and Inequality are Symptoms of the Same Disease

Time poverty – People choose to live where they live based on the rents that they can afford, however a greater distance from work while cheaper comes at the expense of time.


Why can’t we question fundamental ideals?

If one questions the nature of capitalism they are called an idealist. People will respond “I’m pragmatic, I’m realistic, I’m concerned with problems that can be solved.” The reality is that the so-called solvable problems (which really aren’t solvable) are symptoms of an underlaying disease.

Some people wish to solve the problems of inequality, or at least they speak of it with interest or a desire to resolve it. Unfortunately, it is the consequence of the fundamentally flawed system in which it is found.

We can speak of raising the minimum wage or improving work conditions, but the reality is that the capitalist system encourages the exploitation of low skilled labourers.

Accepting the Unacceptable and People with Authority

This bus driver is driving kind of crazy, luckily his high speed pursuit is to my advantage. His outrageous driving will get me to my destination much quicker. It is interesting that we will accept unacceptable behaviour if it is to our advantage.


People with a position of authority can use it to exploit others, or in this case give the bus drive some insight into the young woman he would like to hit on – “Can I see your student ID?”

Get on the bus, enjoy the warmth and set expectations

Today the bus stopped and opened it’s doors five meters before the bus stop. Me and a few other people walked towards the bus to get on, many more waited by the stop. When the traffic light turned green the bus drove away and left all the people waiting by the bus stop.


It is the first time in awhile that the weather has been warm, people are out and about, however it looks like it is going to rain. The sky is black and waiting to shed it’s tears, people continue to prance in the warmth oblivious to the sky.


When things are a certain way they set an expectation and that expectation becomes hard to break. Sometimes expectations can help those who set them, but often just the opposite is true.

For your 30th birthday

I wonder how many bad decisions I have made over the last 30 years? Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.

I know that 30 sounds scary, but it really isn’t. Thirty is the start of a new phase, a new step and it can be a new beginning if you let it.

Embrace this day because everyday is a gift.

Would a Man Carry Around a Bottle of his Own Pee?

Are all people based on a model or is the model in our minds and the similarities we see in people a function of our perception of them?


There is a man with a large water bottle, it looks to be filled with lemonade, but based on his appearance it could just as likely be filled with pee.


It is hard to look at both sides of a problem as we can usually only see our own side. We are never aware of what is happening beyond us in the world outside ourselves, in the world of the other, in the world of a god.

Conversations About Weight and The Inevitable Question of Why

A skinny girl said to her overweight friend “I don’t know why I starve myself so much?” The overweight friend replied “I don’t know why I eat so much?”


Every time I look around the train I wonder “why” are we all here, but this is not a philosophical “why” but a practical one. Why are our physical bodies in this physical train? There seems to be something deeply missing from our lives. Our livelihoods force us to collectively stand around in a train headed to the same place everyday.

Three Slightly Related Ideas

The basis and expectations of justice are often over turned by the methods that the system of justice operates under. Right and wrong maybe clearly defined, but the systems procedures can blur or makes those distinctions absurdly abstract and impossible to enforce.


Not writing or having something to say for a couple of days leads to more days without writing or having things to say.

This is the basis of starting a habit.


Ideally a habit must not be bad, a habit is simply an activity that is regularly repeated. If done in vain or without proper intention it is still a habit, in fact most habits probably start this way.

Don’t Hate the Player, Change the Game

We live in a world where the values of a few are pushed upon the rest.  We live in a time where we are expected to live lives that don’t matter for a system that doesn’t care about us or any other living thing.

It is easy to blame capitalism, but the simple truth is that the problem is capitalism. Work and the consumerist lifestyle exist for the benefit of the capitalist system. We are pushed to do what is good for the system at the expense of what is good for us.

Capitalism is the system that has won over the collective because it suits our desires and selfish needs best. At the same time, it works covertly to encourage a lifestyle that leads towards our own collective destruction.

Most morning I rush out of my apartment after rushed through a breakfast that by its very nature of convenience is unhealthy. Then I jaywalk across a busy street because I can’t wait for the crossing light to change.

Soon after, I cramp into a train filled with hundreds of other people in the same situation as myself. We pass under the city in dehumanizing conditions, breathing recycled air so close together that we can feel each others breath.

Most morning someone presses the yellow emergency bar and we all wait in-between stops while they are removed from their train. The saddest part, is that the yellow emergency bar is rarely pressed outside of rush-hour. You may argue that this is because there are fewer people and emergencies are less likely. But I would argue that life is more stressful during rush-hour, so people are more likely to have health problems.

Do a google search and you will find that stress is one of the leading cause of sickness and death.

The leading causes of stress in peoples lives comes down to work and money, though they are essentially the same thing. Our lives by this circumstance are made worse by the capitalist system. However, we are told regularly that the system is what makes our luxurious lives possible.

Recently, I’ve come to think about a common complaint of the losers (the poor) in our current system, they almost always blame the winners (the rich). It seems obvious to blame the rich, as they are benefiting the most and ushers on the continued success of the current system. Unfortunately, they are only doing what they know to do in the situation they have found themselves in.

Sure we can blame the rich, they are winning at the expensive of everyone else, but by that logic we also have to blame the poor, as they are losing to the benefit of everyone else.

The winners and the losers are in the game for the same reason, they do not have a choice. Everyone takes the cards they are dealt and play by the rules they have been taught. People do what they are suppose to do, or at least what they think they are suppose to do.

The system sets the rules and deals the circumstances, we move forward from our given starting points, doing what we think is best. We shouldn’t blame people for doing what they think they’re suppose to do. We need to change the system so that doing what you are suppose to do makes the world better rather than worse.

Not so deep thoughts