Get a hair cut

I walk to find the salvation my soul craves, the fresh air fills my lungs as I walk along the path laid before me. The clear sky frees my mind as I follow the route my body walks. At once I turn and find the perfect place to get a hair cut, but even better there is no line.

Ayn Rand is wrong!

Ayn Rand is wrong, life is naturally unfair, some will have more and some will have less – skills, opportunities, money, intelligence, abilities, understanding, sympathies, compassion, rights, privileges, etc Ad nauseam.  On top of that, some will be driven by greed which will lead to the destruction of the planet where her so called experiment is suppose to take place.


Something that will always be beyond our command

I was thinking about solipsism – the idea that only my own mind exists. I wanted to believe that everything was in my head and within my control, but then I’m compelled to accept that there are others. These others create a force that is different from mine and works against my will. But there is still something else, something more, something unperceivable, something that isn’t for us to know or understand, something that will always be beyond our command.

What was with the knee-jerk reaction?

A man asked two ladies “Where are you going tonight?” One said “The Raptors Game”, he replied “Where are your husbands?” In unison they replied “It’s a girls night out!”

As he was leaving the streetcar he said “Good bye.” One of the woman said something that I don’t remember. In disdain the man asked “What was with the knee-jerk reaction?”

He was jovial and friendly during this interaction, but by the end the woman were put off. It seems in general people are uncomfortable when strangers talk to them.

Did you see?

A friend told me about an experience she had in high school.

She was walking home after school one day and there was a pile of groceries in the street. She walked past the groceries and there was a man standing beside the road next to a tree. He opened up his jacket and was naked underneath, she ran away and he yelled “Did you see? Did you see?”

She said that as this happened next to a grocery store, the groceries were probably dropped by some of the woman this flasher had flashed.

Not so deep thoughts