look at the meaning of all the words over all of time

Write random things till your page is full, write them for the sake of writing them and not because you have something to say. The words on this page are made up, just like all the words in any book. All the words that have ever been written or said were made up. That isn’t the intent, its just what happens to happen.

Don’t worry! This is the way things are and have always been. The purpose of words isn’t to say things in themselves, but to have meaning in the greater context of all of time. Don’t look at the meaning of a single page or a single line, look at the meaning of all of the text and words over all of time.

The ballet of the lifeless

It’s hard to think otherwise, but it would seem that we all do the things that we think we mean. But sometimes we forget what its all about and we waste our time trying to figure it out. But then there are those who totally forget and do nothing but fill their lives with eternal regret. Please protect me from that dreadful debit and make sure I don’t find too much to regret.

sing praise for the life after the digital age

The world of cellphones is where everybody stares, our minds sticking to the web, the world becomes digital and we become more passive. Our new god has become wi-fi signals and 3G networks. We seek the salvation of free apps. Our working days are consumed with lights flashing on screens and into our eyes. We press buttons and play games seeking a satisfaction we can’t find. Our happiness is hijacked and becomes harder to define. We are digital people, our generation lives inside screens, the real world has become abstract.

If only we knew that space could be filled with something more. If only we could see such a world existing – then we would open our eyes and sing praise for the life after the digital age.

I want to be an actuary!

I met a girl over the weekend, she was describing her job. I asked “are you an actuary?” She said “how did you know? I figured no one knew what an actuary was?”, she continued “As a kid who would have thought ‘I want to be an actuary!?’ What kid would have ever known what an actuary was? What kid would have even know that an actuary existed?”

of course it’s cold

The streetcar slowly passes through the city, things are quiet as I am running later than usual. A man talks in another language on his phone, people pass me as they board the train. The bell rings, someone has pulled the chain. We slow down, the man and some others depart. A girls wearing shorts complains that “it’s so cold”, I think “of course it’s cold, you are wearing shorts.”

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