Quotes about getting ready for change

“Maybe my new goal should be searching for solutions rather than pointing out problems?”
– Someone who doesn’t want to be cynical anymore.

“How does one change their nature? How does one change their constitution? Who still uses ‘one’?”
– Someone with too many questions about change

“Some famous author once said that he was finished because he already knew everything there was to know, but aren’t those who have stopped learning already dead?”
– Someone who is still learning

I don’t want to be pessimistic BUT

We like to assume that we are good and make the world a better place, but in truth collectively we are destroying the very world we call our home.

We do more good than bad? Its hard to say and even harder to know. We seem to have little concern for the destruction of the people and places we consider to be lower than us, which is really any place that isn’t ours.

What do I know? Am I only choosing to look at the bad? And what is the good? How can I have a valid judgment of the way things are?

I am part of the problem, but how can I even stop it? How can I make things better despite our collective humanities actions? Has all of this destructiveness happened in spite of me?

True, we have made the lives of the less fortunate better and there are fewer slaves and truly exploited people than ever before. But is it possible that all these social problem have been rebranded and readjusted for our modern times?

I don’t want to be a pessimist, but sometimes its hard to see things any other way, would a better lot for myself change my perspective on things? Did I choose the world to be like this because of the world I find myself in?

Pessimistic Childrens Stories

When you are a kid life is filled with wonder and excitement. Your parents take care of you and there is nothing to worry about, you get to go to school and learn new things. When you get older you start to get bills, you get jobs, you get obligations and slowly all the fun is taken away. Being an adult sucks, so as a kid dont forget that things are the greatest they will ever be and with time will only get worse.


Regarding the sickness of the city and modern life:  As if there was ever a time when the world was better – but at the very least, how can I deny that I am not part of the problem? I live in the midst and play the game, contributing to the scum that sticks to the bottom of our collective shoe.

Stop being Ironic, its not Funny!

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, it was good till the end of the 3rd book, then it became more dry and loses its poetic luster. I wonder though, why should I respect someone like Nietzsche, his ideas are old and his writing is more poetic than anything else. Even Romanticism is sometimes used to represent his works – Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog.


Its funny to see a young boy wearing an Obey hat with a gap sweater – thought I shouldn’t expect him to understand the irony of the signal he is sending.

Its like the hipsters in the hall at work, they carry StarBucks coffee – want to be truly ironic, support local companies and ditch the multi-national conglomerates.

Hopelessly ironic without even realize it – thats what funny…. Or actually thats what is so horrible about it.


Sometimes when you are going to do something, or you plan to do something, if you wait too long there becomes pressure on not doing it. Then it becomes even harder to do, months pass and then it truly is too late – Happy Birthday Friend.

Ennui and a Happy Song about Public Transit

Some days life is tiring and one just wants to go home and sleep or at the very least rest – that is what I shall do tonight… Watch a movie and rest… Look out life, time is running out.

Sometimes I try to think of more positive things to say, but instead something like this usually comes out.


People, there are always people travelling on the train. People with places to go and things to see, travelling to places they need to be. Talking with their friends and having a good time, all the while saving a couple of dimes.

How does one write a song? Is it just a collection of words on a page like any other text. Is the difference that when it has some background music it becomes more lyrical? Can any text becomes a song? Is a song to be found in the way that text is performed rather than in the way the words have been put together?

An Alternative Understanding of Holding Doors for Others

In a society such as ours the opposites of what is good is what is valued. Take the example of holding open a door: in proper society people don’t hold doors, they have doormen (or woman). Thus the proper don’t hold open doors for themselves, they have servants to do it for them.

Extend that to our society as a whole and we find that people who hold doors are seen as meek or unimportant as they have the time to hold doors for others. Sure some people are selfish and others are mean, but notice who does and doesn’t hold the door. From this dynamic, a nice and kind thing has become a sign of weakness and lower class.


One should never respect those who look down upon you.

One should never allow others to look down upon them, those who don’t respect don’t deserve respect.

Who should we server? Ourselves, then the world will follow.

Stick, Stick, Stick to your Guns and Don’t quit till you feel like changing them

Stick, stick, stick to your guns, and don’t quit till you feel like changing them.

I need to affirm and evolve constantly, no more holding grudges, after all a grudge is an idea we continue to keep despite its detrimental effects to ourselves.

Preconceived notions and expectations frame what one thinks can happen and thus what does happen – said again for the one hundredth time.

Does the world that we see and live in dictate what we can see or expect? Is it possible that going to places of despair gives us a sense of despair? Or could it be the difference between a guest and a residence that makes all the differences?

How Our Words Affect the Choices we Make

Everyone loves to stare at their screens, if only they knew it was pretty mean. Not only to themselves, but to everyone else, our digital minds turned upside down.


Sometimes there is a lot to say or a lot to write, sometimes the words flow without any effort, but should those words even be said?


Two construction workers walk in opposite directions from the same place, their worlds develope and things will never be the same.


If we are lead to believe what I have said before, than we must take words seriously. If words are tokens that structure reality, then they can affect the way we see our reality.

At the very least, we can accept that the way we think about things shapes our choices. Even our choices about how we will make choices are a result of the physical representations of the words we have built inside of our heads.

We take responsibility for our action, we take responsibility for our words. Our words in turn create the narratives we believe explain the word we find ourselves in. From these stories we set our expectations and understandings, which in turn affects how we make the even bigger choices in life.

These should have been sad tweets

The city is an absurd place, it is impossible to get around, what is one to do when you work on the other side of town?


Why does a single car have the same priority as a streetcar or bus full of people?


Out of the core and slightly to the side, suddenly we can go for our ride.


Too many people, too much sound, my mind slips away and is left unbound.


Don’t want to be a pessimist, but what else would I write about?


The city and modern life is a sickness we have all been convinced to accept.


The best way to deal with and avoid a life of ennui is to keep busy, even if the business is only for the sake of keeping busy.

Words from my private journals